emmy’s poems & pics


If a certain zhen stops by the hotspring …your birthday card is on last page…a certain bunny has been waiting with a bottle of peach blossom wine… I saved you a bit…

12/30/2019 🎉🎁🎊this birthday bunny had a little Patrón then decided to sneak into the base in the middle of the night for old times sake (nice disguise huh!) and left you several ❤s scattered about and a bottle of champagne…knocked on your door but you didn’t answer😞…I was hurrying out (I didn’t want get caught impersonating an officer)…tripped over the guy from the closet as I left..ouch…haha..


Happiness always zhenny may all your dreams come true in 2020! Bonne chance empress hunting…she will be a very lucky girl! ❤ bunny


I am slightly drunk and feeling nostalgic tonight..if you ever look at this will you come and say hi to your bunny? Just a hi..a simple I’m doing good…bunny still worries sometimes about her zhen ❤


3/15/20 🍺clink 🍺 ❤ 3…across the clouds to my fav zhen ..come drink with your faithful bunny spy…just once..

🍺 clink🍺 “drinks bring back all the memories..all the memories bring back you…”❤



I am going absolutely insane…now that I’m trapped I have been thinking how you made me laugh so hard…I am wrapping you in invisible yellow mise en garde tape and handing you a mask. Looks crazy there…❤ bunny


my latest story is The CEO and His Little Bunny.. XD



The Immortal and His Little Sorceress




You will always have a place in my ❤ mon ami.. you made me laugh..you made me cry..you made me see a different world..you inspired me..happiness always when you find your Empress ❤ bunny

I was in Paris drinking at a little bar  thinking of you ❤ on the hottest day ever you had I guess..haha I must have brought the heat w/ me..😉